07 July 2018

Initial Arrival 24

Day 3
30 September 1956
Yakutsk, Siberia, USSR

There was a pause in the conversation as the man took the time to process this information. He eventually responded, “When I was there in the clearing, I saw the sky open up and you appeared from nowhere. I think that is why those trying to kill me left.” Jen turned to look at him. He continued, “Something unusual definitely happened.”

So there is a consistency. How does this help me?

He did continue, trying to offer her a suggestion, “If you want to hide your origin and ensure your safety, why don't you just say you are a defector.”

“But I am not.”

“Do you not think that an American would defect?”

“I don't have any information I can offer. … And I am not a spy. I don't have the knowledge to appear as a spy. Or the body. This would be obvious. …”

“This doesn't make sense! You need to prove you aren't a spy. Why would you need to prove that you are? The reason you would be in danger from the authorities is because you may be a spy.”

“No, people aren't allowed to enter because they aren't valued. Wanting to migrate isn't reason enough to be allowed. People who then migrate without permission are then undocumented, considered illegal. The US … I guess other countries are kept poor and even destroyed, keeping the workforce subservient. Domestically, unskilled labor by migrants is also temporary. So labor can be exploited. … They may right now not trust my intentions for one reason, but it isn't the only possibility.”

There was a pause before he spoke again. “You want to lie about your origin, but don't want to give false information.”

“I can't tell them about my origin. And, if I lie about important things for them, they will be acting on incorrect information. … I am not the only person involved. This isn't just about protecting me. There are others too.”

“Do you know anything which could be of help but could be explainable by access to classified information?”

“I can't talk about the future! Besides, I haven't memorized all the cold war declassified documents. People don't know everything, they know pieces.” Jennifer put her head down and her hands on her head in frustration.

01 July 2018

Initial Arrival 23

Day 3
30 September 1956
Yakutsk, Siberia, USSR

“But you believe this is real?”

“This is what I remember.”

“Do you think that you are crazy?”

“If I am crazy, or rather if they believe I am crazy, they will lock me up, deny me the right to be a part of society. I won't be allowed to contribute, or possibly be treated like slave labor. I wouldn't be considered human, wouldn't be given control of myself, wouldn't be considered legitimate. And in the 50s, the mentally ill would have been tortured. Mentally and physically.”

“You are overstating things. This isn't what the situation is like. Mental hospitals are there to help those who need it.” What he stated agitated Jennifer as she had been exposed to this type of naiveté before. The man clearly picked up on her discomfort as he continued, “Hey, whatever you believe, you aren't going to be put in this type of situation. ”

Jennifer just shook her her head and put her head down into her hands. She couldn't think of anything in the moment to begin to make him understand, and this wasn't a good time to get into a debate.

12 June 2018

Initial Arrival 22

Day 3
30 September 1956
Yakutsk, Siberia, USSR

Jennifer eventually started to talk again. “I don't know what to tell them … about how I came here and what happened.”

“Why don't you tell them the truth?”

“Because the truth isn't believable. Besides, it is too dangerous. Nobody can know.”

“I don't understand. Are you in trouble?”

“If the date you told me is correct, then I am from the future. Before I came to the clearing it was June 2013.”

The man paused for a little to think about this. He asked, “Do you have anything which could prove this?”

“What! No. And it doesn't matter anyway. I can't be from the future. They can't know this. That it the point.” Jennifer turned away and closed her eyes as she thought about something which occurred to her. “Hmm, well maybe. If you had access to what I had. I had my passport. My passport isn't the new version with a transponder, but it does have a lot of modern security features. Holograms, no foil, I think. Something difficult to forge.”


“An image which looks different from different angles. I think it is supposed to mean a three dimensional image encoded on a two dimensional surface. In science fiction, it is a 3D image projected into real space, but in reality they are just flat images designed to look 3D. Or a foil image used to make documents difficult to forge. Other tricks are watermarks – faint images which show up when copied … electronically copied, micro print – very small text, and images which appear under ultraviolet light. I don't know when these were developed.” Jennifer turned back to face the man after explaining.

“What about a transponder?”

“... I am sorry, I can't talk about that.”

“Did you have anything else?”

“I guess my clothes would have been a mix of cotton and spandex. Cotton is old and plant-based, but spandex is synthetic. It is stretchy and makes the clothes slightly stretchy. I think I left everything else in the car. Hopefully that didn't go through time as well.”

“What about what you know of future events.”

“I can't talk about that. Besides, it won't prove anything until it happens. It doesn't matter anyway. You don't need to believe this.”

“Are you afraid of changing the future?”

“This doesn't matter. They can't know I am from the future. Knowledge is power and … it isn't my right to intervene. This doesn't belong to any of us.”

“Fine. Let's assume this is true. How did you get here?”

“I don't know.”

“You don't have a time machine?”

“No. I just was there, then we got lost … now I am here.”

27 May 2018

Initial Arrival 21

Day 3
Date Unknown
Yakutsk, Siberia, USSR

On the third day, in the middle of the day, Ivan returned. “The doctor said the man you saved is well enough for you to talk. I will take you to him.” There was a pause before he continued. “Do you want to go?” Jennifer nodded and slowly got up.

Ivan led her to another room, similar to although smaller than the room in which Jennifer was previously, to a bed with a young man with an injured leg. While Jennifer was very uncertain, she could believe that this was the same individual whom she met in the clearing. Ivan brought over a stool for Jennifer to sit on. She sat down. “Do you want some time alone?” Jennifer nodded, so he pulled the curtain around the bed with himself on the other side, leaving the two of them alone. She saw his shadow and heard his footsteps move away from the curtain.

Jennifer didn't start talking. She had trouble putting together her thoughts into words and was still afraid to speak. So the man began, “Thank you for helping me in the clearing.” He had the same accent as Ivan, although Jennifer didn't notice.

Jennifer still had trouble responding. She started to cry.

He continued to speak, reacting to her response. “I am sorry for putting you in danger. I didn't mean to get you involved.” He put her hand on her to try to comfort her. This only made her more uncomfortable. He continued to speak, “Hey, we will figure this out.”

After a while he withdrew his hand. He asked, “Is there something you wanted to say?”

She nodded slightly, but didn't speak.

“I can wait. I can't really go anywhere right now, so we have plenty of time, and I could use the company.”

It took some time before Jennifer was finally able to ask her question. “What is the date?”

“The 30th of September.”

“What is the year?”

“You don't know the year?”

There was a pause as Jennifer didn't directly answer. Eventually the man answered the original question, “One thousand nine hundred fifty six.”

There was a long pause as Jennifer processed this information. If this is real, then there is a time displacement.

19 May 2018

Initial Arrival 20

Day 2
Date Unknown
Yakutsk, Siberia, USSR

Her mind focusing back to the clearing, Jennifer started to map and sketch out what she remembered there, both from the dream and from the previous day. She drew what she remembered of the details of the three figures in their homes. She drew the wolf, the goddess, and the pendent. And she drew a map of the events of the previous day. She constantly struggled with the limits in details she remembered, creating her own details for some aspects, while retaining notes and imprecise drawings for others. As the day continued, she switched from the latter technique to the former, constructing new sketches and detailed drawings of the figures from her dreams.

Her whole afternoon, however, didn't completely consist of drawing and writing. She would often stop and just think. And many of the drawings remained incomplete at the end of the day.

22 April 2018

Initial Arrival 19

Day 2
Date Unknown
Yakutsk, Siberia, USSR

I came to a hut in the forest. The hut was standing on large chicken legs and surrounded by skulls. A woman flew down in a large bowl or cup, using a large club as a rudder. The design was meant to be reminiscent of a mortar and pedestal. She was old and skinny, with a large nose. Her name was Baba Yaga.

She spoke to me. “Did you come seek me out of your own will, or were you told to come?”

“I don't know. I think it was recommended to me that I come, but not required. And I wasn't told what I would find, only to explore. I don't know of you and didn't come for you.”

“You never can give an either / or answer, can you?”

“If the assumptions which lead to the choices offered were valid, the criticism would make sense. But like many cases, false assumptions are made. In this case, it was assumed that I knew what I sought, that it was either my own conscious desire or the will of another rather than instinct or nature, and to some extent, the existence of free will.”

“Your insight is valid.” She paused, looking at me. “But you are displeased by my physical appearance.”

“It is just, well, you resemble the stereotypical witch, designed to denigrate women and traditional pagan society and especially female knowledge by a patriarchal, Christian elite. … To construct a villain, to destroy fluid thinking, complexity, uncertainty. To make people submissive and obedient.”

“This from the one who often imagines herself as an angel?” I appeared before her with wings in a white dress. “Like nature often is, I may not be nice, and I am often cruel, but I am not the villain of your story.”

She continued to speak, but her tone changed. “You seek to regain your will, your identity, your soul. I will help you, but know that the path won't be easy. Like many, your desires are often mixed with your fears. You will be asked to do many things which you may not understand. And you shall take the form of those whom you had been told are your enemy.” As she said this, my appearance changed, taking the form of a soldier.

“For now I will ask you to do something with which you often struggle. Take this pendent and take the time to rest.” She handed me the pendent. “You will need this if you are to accomplish what will be requested of you.”

As we were leaving each other, I responded with an unrelated question. “Why didn't you take me into your house?”

“Because I don't wish for you to stink up my house with your Russian scent.”

Then I was back in the clearing. There was a wolf and the avatar, but I didn't have the pendent. I think … it no longer existed in its original form.

14 April 2018

Initial Arrival 18

Day 2
Date Unknown
Yakutsk, Siberia, USSR

I was in the form of a wolf as I wandered around and found a great tree, the Tree of Life. Here it had the name Aal Luuk Mas. I think. It was strange, but I guess dreams are like that. I could feel the tree radiated with the essence of life, and every memory I have had of being in nature and being close to nature came to mind.

I approached the tree and retook human form, although I was still dressed as a wolf. A goddess emerged from the tree. She had large breasts and long hair. She was a Mother Earth figure, but gave her name as An Alay Khotun. Maybe. Again, dreams are strange.

“This isn't a name with which I am familiar.”

“That doesn't matter. Different peoples have different names and conceptions. Here I have one name and role, elsewhere I have another. You know this.”

“I can sense the clearing here. Is this place coexistent?”

“I did call you to the clearing, and through there, here. … This isn't the clearing, but you are connected to that place. And the people who call that region their home, they shape what you see here.”

She continued, “Look, I know why you are here. You have chosen a difficult path. You prefer to take the path given to you by the spirits rather than the one presented by your upbringing. I have provided many heroes before you with help on their journeys. And yours won't be an easy one.”

“I am not a hero. I am just a girl.”

“You aren't undeserving. … Here.” She pulled up a pendent, the pendent, from the water under the roots of the tree. I took it. “This will take you where you need to go.”

I was back in the clearing again, but only temporarily.