11 November 2017

Status Update

I believe I am close to being back into a comfortable / permanent situation. I will try to get an update again this month with more to follow.

For those who have not yet received it, you can ask me for a link to my account for October. I may eventually put up a public link.

21 August 2017

Initial Arrival 2

Jennifer reacted upon hearing her current location, but didn't respond. She was thinking about what he told her. Something which became obvious with what he said. She couldn't really believe it. Soviet … Am I in the past? How is this possible. She didn't know if to believe it. I could ask for the date. But she didn't say anything. She didn't know what to say.

When Jennifer didn't respond, Ivan continued by asking, “Do you remember coming to this nation?”

Jennifer shook her head slightly, more to brush off the question then to reply, and didn't speak. She couldn't figure out what to do with this. Her brain was working quickly, panicking. She could feel the sense of panic throughout her body. Her arm was shaking as she struggled to hold herself up. What can I even say safely?

Ivan noticed Jennifer's reaction, asked another question. “Jennifer Miller, will you please tell me what you do remember?”

Jennifer was still trying to process everything. She wanted to be left alone. She did, however, remember what she was supposed to say. But, if I am in the past, I am stateless. So, she responded, “I can't continue without a lawyer.”

“What do you need a lawyer for? You aren't on trial. I am not here to arrest you. You saved a man's life! I need your help as a witness.”

Of course he would say something silly. Jennifer didn't respond. If he didn't understand, she didn't know how to explain it to him.

“You are a hero! You risked your life to save another.”

Jennifer started to cry. I am not a hero. I can't be a hero. He was there. I was supposed to get help. Everything else was missing. I didn't know where I was, that I wasn't where I was supposed to be. I didn't know what to do. I never know what to do.

“Everything will be alright. I can help you. I just need you to talk to me.”

Jennifer continued to cry and didn't respond. She had fallen back to her bed by this point. After a while, Ivan got up to leave.

Status Update

I am sorry I have been slow in posting recently. I will probably be slow to post for a while longer as I finish up my current position and get ready to start the next one.

19 July 2017

Initial Arrival 1

Date and Location Unknown

Jennifer woke up in an unfamiliar setting, trying to recall, put together what happened, where she was, trying to transition to being awake. As she opened her eyes, she saw over her a man dressed in a suit. She didn't quite know if she was awake yet.

The man spoke to her. “Hello, Mrs. Miller, how are you feeling?” His accent was foreign but familiar, although she couldn't identify it, or at least didn't want to. She noticed, but it didn't mean that much to her. In her fatigued state, such things didn't seem important.

Jennifer picked her body up to get a look around. And to not feel like someone was hovering over her. Her body was sore and weak, and she was cold. All this confirmed to her that she was awake. As she picked herself up, she ensured that the blanket over her was wrapped around her. But her mind wasn't focused on this. She was annoyed about what he had said. Why do people insist on using the wrong name?

Jennifer replied softly and nervously, “I prefer to be called Jennifer.” This wasn't a typical insistence for her, and she regretted it as soon as she did it. Usually she could deal with the insistence of formality when it was appropriate. But today it bothered her more than normal. The need to answer caused her to act on this. Now she needed to try to fix this. “I am sorry. You may use my formal name if you need. The appropriate title is 'Ms.' though. I am not married, but 'Miss' is childish, disrespectful. 'Ms.' is safe.”

However, the reaction to this wasn't as she expected. “I am unfamiliar with that convention. However, we can still be formal using given names, if you want. In our culture we use our first name and father's name in formal situations. I am Ivan Savvich. I have been assigned to work with you.”

As she responded, Jennifer closed her eyes in thought, “In your culture?” She then turned back to face him, still speaking softly, “Where am I? What happened?”

“You don't remember? You are in a hospital in Yakutsk. We found you unconscious in the forest. The other individual with whom we found you claims your appearance scared away his attackers and you saved his life. I was hoping you can tell me how and why you came here, and what you remember happening.”

As he spoke, Jennifer's mind returned to what had happened before she was here. She closed her eyes as she recalled. She remembered snow, trees, a man. He was injured, shot. They talked. Her memory seemed off. Maybe it feels surreal because of the snow. Snow in June? Something is off.

Jennifer responded, “I don't recognize that name. Where is this city?” She opened her eyes as she talked. Another thing occurred to her. He has been assigned to work with me, asking about past events. But he had already started to respond to her other question. Is this guy some sort of police officer? I need to be careful.

“Yakutsk is the capital of the Yakut Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic.” He paused, watching her reaction before continuing, “In the far east of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic.”

02 July 2017

Chapter 1, Part 1: Awakening in the Past, Initial Arrival - Notes

The first part of this chapter is written and edited, although the images still need to be made. It will be 32 updates. I will hopefully start posting the story starting in the middle of July.

Most of the conventions are the same as the prologue. However, I will not color the dialog in this chapter. I will try to keep the acknowledgement section at least somewhat updated.

In addition, images which come from memory or dreams will be a different hand-drawn sketch style. This will hopefully make drawing the images faster, and will emphasize the imprecision of the situation.

Some updates will have no images, and shorter updates, especially those without images, may be posted between my typical twice monthly updates, slightly increasing the update frequency.

16 June 2017

Character Sketches

Here is a sketch of the main characters for the first part of the story. The first image puts them on a grid so you can see the relative sizes for the various characters:

If you have not noticed from looking at the image, the time travelers are taller than the other people. There are many sources which describe this effect and give numbers. Here is one which is more interactive and visual: https://ourworldindata.org/human-height/.

The color image below should give some more details of the characters:

12 June 2017

Patreon and Banner Image

I have constructed a Patreon account to donate to some webcomics I read. I have constructed a creator page, where I will post the full chapter ebooks. I am not currently looking for donations, however.

For this, I have developed a banner image showing Sergei, Jennifer, and Joshua together.

The image is intended to contain complex symbolism.

For those who can't tell, the character on Joshua's shirt is the new Captain America, and he is holding a foam sword.